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Project 13/13 - January

I mentioned earlier in the week that I had started a new photography project which I am calling Project 13/13. The idea is that each month on the 13th I will do a photo journal of a place, now I am hoping this will work and that I will do somewhere different each month. I know where I will be in march because I am going to Bali, other than that I am flying blind. The idea originally came from Molly Frances's blog about New Orleans here.

My first one is of the suburb I live in which is Brunswick in Melbourne (Australia). It is about 10 mins from the CBD. There are lots of historic houses and a large Greek and Italian community here which is lovely (the old Nonna's and Yaya's always stop and chat with me, the best we can because they speak little english) and also they like to have lots of fruit trees and vegetable gardens which make the suburb nice and leafy. Because it is so close to the city there are lots and lots of bike riders getting about and a beautiful big park where people take their dogs to play and a lot of people have cats which hang about the lanes and streets. There is also a grafitti culture where a lot of the work is deemed as street art and is worked on for several days on a large area of wall.

So this is where I live:

As I said I will be doing one each month so I will be back next month with who knows where because at this stage there are no plans.

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Beautiful pictures! Great photography. Love this 13/13 idea.

  2. What a really awesome idea. Love your photos.

  3. Dude - where's the hipsters? You cannot do a pictorial representation of Brunswick without including at least one man with a beard riding his fixy down Sydney rd! Love it! Aren't we lucky to live in such an awesome place??

    1. I couldn't get a photo of one because I wasn't using an old skool polaroid camera ;)


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