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Project Life Cover Page

After waiting what felt like an eternity I finally got my Studio Calico Project Life Kit. I had been holding off on doing my title page until I received it and I am glad I did because  there a lots of fun bits in there.

My title page is pretty simple, I have a picture of our "family" which is me and the boys, I also included a map of where I live at the moment which is different to last year and a quote I liked from TS. Eliot.

I have to do week three tonight and may as well get stuck into week four while I'm at it. I will share them later in the week.

Have a great weekend,


  1. This looks cool! I am still waiting for my kit to arrive. Hope it gets here soon.

  2. How awesome, i need to finish my title page off too, i was waiting on the kit also. I have been toying with adding in a map but no clue how to do it LOL.
    WOrking on week 4 now :)

  3. ohhhhhhh love the cover!!!

    and post below i am catching up one
    *love the black and white layout and how that RED pops out!!!
    *and that rainbow layout!!!!!!!!!!! wow that is stunning..just breath taking!!
    *and loveeeeeeeeee that arty layout...just be yourself!!!


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