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Spring is in the air (allegedly!)

So I have probably mentioned this before but I live in Melbourne, Australia but I am not from here originally. I spent the best part of the first three decades near Sydney which is north of here.
I have now lived down here for about three year and I CANNOT get used to the weather here. Melbourne is famous for having four seasons in one day but this is a blatant lie because there is only two - autumn and winter! Today is the first warm day and we are almost in November but just so we don't get too used to it it will be cold again by the weekend. Anyway the point is I recently made this page as a celebrate Spring layout but apart from the blossoms (which have all blown away now) it still feels cold.

I used bits and pieces for all over the place but had some printed tissue paper that I was not sure what to do with so I made a paper flower. Here is a close up:

It was super easy to make, I just followed this youtube tutorial by Emma from Feeling Fuzzy

I have also put the new Christmas journal cards in my Etsy Shop and as an opening special you can get 40% off your order by using the code: OPEN40

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  1. that is a beautiful layout! congrats on your opening!

  2. Your LO is a stunner! I love it.

  3. wahoooooooooo love that layout!!!
    love the colours!!!

  4. wow, your picture is fantastic and the layout is perfect !

  5. great picture! fantastic layout! :)


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