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Project Life - Week 1

Last year I was not a very successful at Project Life, I got off to a strong start but at about April I started missing weeks here and there. By July I had pretty much stopped. I still took pictures and collected memorabilia but I never found the time I needed to complete the spreads.
When I look back at my pages from the start of last year I love them so much and I feel disappointed in myself for not sticking with it so this year I am a woman with a plan.

My week will run from Monday to Sunday which means I am making a concerted effort to set aside some time on Monday evenings to work on my album. I also have set up a folder on my computer broken down into weeks and I am sorting the photos I want to use into these.
I have also subscribed to Studio Calico's Project Life Kit and I am hoping having the journal cards etc delivered to me each month will encourage me to keep up with it. I also invested in one of the
Seafoam Edition Core Kits so I have everything I could need and no room for excuses.

Here is my first week:

Even though I have the core kit (I am still waiting for my SC order to arrive) I am not using it consistently, in fact I split it four ways with some other ladies because I like to add bits and pieces in to make it my own.

I am loving this stamp from Kelly Purkey - Bright Idea which is exclusive to 2P's and I was super excited to discover that my Retro Currents Printable Journal Cards match the Seafoam edition perfectly!

I also mixed in some other printables including True Happiness and also Snapshots from In A Creative Bubble. 

Are you doing PL this year? Do you have any tips for keeping up with it? I would love to hear them.


  1. Hi Manda, Your week 1 looks fabulous, I look forward to checking in on your blog again for the next update!

  2. Great job on your first week!! I truly hope you'll keep up with your PL!

  3. I love this spread! Hope you get to do PL all year!

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhh very cool!!! love it

    and post below....
    love your list/layout....
    wahooooo on meeting amy tan and getting some cool technology!!!


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