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Night In The City

I have been pretty productive at my scrap desk this week which has been so relaxing and I was even going to spend the day there today but I had a bit of an emergency when I was bitten by a rat, yes I said rat. My neighbours cat had caught it and was playing with it out the front (we live in a small group of units) and I'm a bit of an animal lover so I couldn't let him hurt it so I got it off him and the darn thing latched onto my finger and wouldn't let go, ingrate! Meanwhile the cat is trying to climb up me to get it. Anyway I had to go to the doctors for a tetanus shot and some antibiotics (we don't have rabies here in Australia so that wasn't an issue) so scrapbooking took a backseat - there's always tomorrow :)

One of the layouts I worked on earlier in the week was this 8.5 x 11. This is not a size I am too comfortable with but as I already had one in my album I needed another for the back.

I have had this instagram pic of the Sydney skyline on my desk for so long and when I got the cute skyline stamp in a SC kit I knew it would be perfect so I lined it up so it would match with the edges of the picture.

To do the background I took a mask and used watercolour to paint in some of the voids randomly and then highlighted a few of them with white gel pen. Also I used glitter zing to emboss my wood veneer to give a bit of sparkle. 
I didn't have a title for the page so in the end I googled song lyrics and came up with these from a song by Joni Mitchell. I liked the idea of a long title down one side so it was perfect. 
Thanks so much for dropping by, 


  1. Fabulous design, Manda! That stamp is such a perfect fit.

  2. WHAT!!?? a rat! ingrate is right! ha..!! how dare you, rat!
    you feel better now, Manda?

  3. Oh my how gorgeous! That stamp is perfect for your photo and layout! And I can't even comment about the rat....I shudder just thinking about one!!

  4. wow that pic looks so great with that stamp!!!
    and glad you are ok after the rat attack!!!

  5. Loving the mood of this page! The work you did on the background and the gold accent are lovely! Thank you for stopping by my blog recently ;)


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