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Pop Of The Page Class

This month I am taking the Pop Off The Page class at SC which is taught by one of my favourite scrappers Jen Jockish. I have always loved Jen's pages and her ability to create texture on her pages using layers of paper, embellishments, stamping and sewing. I am really enjoying the PDF's from the class as they are so detailed and I have to say it is one of the best classes I have taken.

The first lesson was about creating a traditional layout and I decided to give it a go using a picture I had taken of Melbourne last summer when I first moved here and broke into my Elmwood Park kit which was sitting untouched - I really need to get scrapping before the next one arrives because I recently discovered I have a lot of kits that haven't been played with yet!

I am so happy with the outcome and decided to have a go at the challenge of just layering in a small space, so I scrapped a picture of Winston in a box, one of his favourite places to sit is anybox, anywhere not matter how big or small.

I hope you have all been having a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend.
My weekend is not looking like a lot of fun, with terrible weather I have decided to stay in and spring clean but I am sure I will find some time to scrap too :)


  1. Gorgeous layouts. I especially love the colours in the Melbourne layout.
    Spring cleaning sounds like a good idea, but the weather is too good up here to be indoors!

  2. i love your take on the class... i want to see more more more more please!!! That class is awesome eh? :)

  3. Your layouts are great! Your layering is so perfect! I wish I had taken this class. It looks so fun!

  4. You are rockin those los! Have a great weekend.

  5. Great pages! Especially love the first one with the stars and the ink

  6. love all those bits tucked under the photo in the first layout!


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