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30 Lists: Day 1

Last september I signed up to do 30 Days of Lists, as with most things I sign up to I just never got around to doing it, so I was a bit undecided whether to attempt it again this year but I decided to give it a go and have challenged myself to complete it. As part of that challenge I am going to blog about it to hold myself accountable.

Because I am pretty busy at the moment editing the 3rd issue of Life.Paper.Scrapbook. I wanted to keep the whole thing as streamlined as possible so I am just using a Sn@p album and some Project Life cards. If I add in embellishments that will be fantastic but if I don't that's OK
 The first list is NEW THIS YEAR...
1. I started Life.Paper.Scrapbook.
2. I moved back home
3. I am about to move into my brand new studio
4. I got an iPad
5. I have just started working on eating and living healthier

So day one has been a great success now just to keep going. I am going to blog my lists every couple of days, as I said to keep me accountable and also because I have DT commitments and other things I want to blog. 

Are you doing 30 Days of Lists this year? I would love to see your lists if you are. 


  1. The more I see PL used for this, the more I think I am going to go that way next time. I am blogging my lists at http://scribler.us or you can just see the gallery of lists at http://scribler.us/galleries/september-2013-lists

  2. Love the colors and the ombre title, this is beautiful !


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